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How to Win Google’s Heart

You know that feeling youget when you see your crush with someone else? It’s something we digital enthusiasts know all too well. Seeing Google rank your competition first is rather disheartening, but here at TopSpot Internet Marketing we’ve been playing matchmaker for over 10 years! This Valentine’s Day we’re sharing the secrets to challenge her unrequited love.

By Aryan Moharir

Feb 14, 2014


6 Ways to Understand Your Organic Search Data When It’s (not provided)

Over two years ago, in an effort to encourage stronger security standards across the internet, Google announced that they would be moving towards “Secure Search.” What this meant at the time was that organic search queries would be encrypted for users who were signed into their Google accounts. Encrypted organic queries would show up as (not provided) within Google Analytics.

By Julia Karnezis

Jan 22, 2014


Engaging with Visitors Beyond the Conversion

There is a page that is guaranteed to be visited by every user performing a favorable action on your website: your “thank you” page, which loads solely to confirm an action’s delivery. Almost every Webmaster focuses on trying to optimize landing pages in an attempt to bring targeted visitors to their site and toget them to convert. This makes sense as landing pages are a high priority and important part of each strategy for SEO, Paid Search and Conversion Improvement

By Stephen Rifai

Nov 13, 2013

Company Culture

3 Things SEOs Can Learn from Jiro Dreams of Sushi

When a new SEO joins TopSpot and begins training, we always ask the same question.

“Have you seen Jiro Dreams of Sushi?”

Most haven’t. In fact, I don’t think any SEOs have heard of it prior to us mentioning it to them. So we get past the blank looks of “how does this have anything to do with SEO or training?” and questions like “Wait, should I be taking notes right now?”

By Julia Karnezis

Aug 13, 2013

Internet Marketing

Understanding Online Reviews for B2B Companies

Online reputation management has become a significant part of any integrated online strategy. Gone are the days where businesses shied away from being reviewed on the internet for fear of negative exposure. Reviews are a vital part of the B2B conversion process and the B2B customer is more discerning than ever.

By Nicole Buergers

Jul 24, 2013

Internet Marketing

How To Set Up Site Search in Google Analytics

Previously, we posted a blog post showing you where to find the internal site search terms in Google Analytics, but a question remained: how do you set up site search in Google Analytics? We’ve made this follow-up video to help you!

By Nicole Buergers

Jul 23, 2013