December 08 2020


TopSpots Wins Award of Excellence at the 2020 Lantern Awards

We are pleased to announce that our Team has been recognized with an Award of Excellence at the ANA’s 2020 Lantern Awards for their work on the DimcoGray website. The Houston ANA (formerly BMA) created the Lantern Awards of Texas 31 years ago for one sole purpose – to highlight the year’s finest B2B work.

Only one Lantern Award is presented per category and is given to the highest scoring entry. Awards of Excellence are given to the next highest-ranked piece(s) in recognition of marketing excellence within each category. 

This is the 5th year in a row that our Team has been recognized at the Lantern Awards, and the 13th award overall. You can view more of our award-winning website designs in our website portfolio.

About the DimcoGray Website

DimcoGray sells thermoplastic knobs and handles for several industries. They wanted to be able to improve sales of their stock products as well as sales of custom products with a new website.

The DimcoGray board that was on display at the 2020 ANA Lantern Awards Gala.

Focus on Navigation & User Experience

The original site had catalog functionality, but it was difficult for users to find what they were looking for. The new website catalog was restructured to be more user friendly. First, the Team focused on highlighting the products most important to DimcoGray including knobs, handles, and custom products, and made them more prominently displayed in the header and throughout the site. An internal site search was also prominently featured within the navigation and allows for users to search by product name, type, or product number. 

Custom products are important for DimcoGray. So, in addition to the callout to the custom products in the header, a button is prominently displayed in the hero banner, along with the knobs and handles, but in a different color and style.  

A custom quote cart was created specifically for this section to allow customers to submit requests for the parts they needed manufactured.

A custom quote cart was created specifically for this section to allow customers to submit requests for the parts they needed manufactured.

Data-Driven Web Development Strategies

Paid search data was utilized throughout the website development process, to determine high converting, quality keywords were in need of a better user experience once clicked. This helped to drive the sitemap and content strategies during development to ensure a better user experience post-launch. 

Prior to launch, additional keyword research was done to identify additional opportunities provided by the new site. The pay per click program was relinked to go to the new, more relevant landing pages and ad text was updated to match the updated branding and content. 

The site launched in December 2019. In the year since its launch, organic leads have continued to increase by 214.29% over the previous year.

Thanks to the hard work of our web design and development team and the DimcoGray team, the website was built for success from day one. After launch, our Team worked closely with DimcoGray and continued to their paid search program while working on ongoing search engine optimization and user experience, which contributed to the steady growth in quality traffic and leads for their business. Our partnership allowed us to continue building onto the website and keep their online presence going strong.

Sarah Batalla, TopSpot Team Lead

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