February 12 2020

TopSpot won 4 awards, including our 3rd Manufacturing Website Platinum Award

We are pleased to announce our Team’s placements in the 2020 International AVA Digital Awards. Our Team was recognized with 4 awards, including our third Manufacturing Website Platinum Award. These websites won for excellence in digital creativity, branding, and strategy.

Submissions included 2,500 entries from around the world and were scored on a 100-point scale. Submissions whose scores were in the 80-89 range received Gold Awards, and those who scored 90 and above were award Platinum trophies. Only 16% of all entries were named Platinum Award Winners, with approximately 21% winning Gold Awards.

Midwest Timer Service

Midwest Timer Service, a manufacturer of high-quality, reliable electromechanical timers and synchronous motors for the OEM industry, was recognized with a Platinum AVA Award in the manufacturing website category.

Platinum award winning manufacturing website, Midwest Timer

This award-winning manufacturing website has also been recognized with two Silver W3 Awards and a Platinum Hermes Creative Award.

Working alongside Midwest Timer, the TopSpot Team created a website architecture with SEO serving as the foundation and a clean, professional design that provided multiple opportunities for a user to convert into a lead via the unique forms and calls to action throughout each page. Other new website features included a photo gallery that showcases their timer and motor models, a glossary and a section focused on the industries Midwest Timer Service commonly works with.

Quality Liaison Services

Quality Liaison Services provides quality assurance and supplier representation services for OEMs and suppliers in a variety of industries and was recognized with a Platinum Website Award in the B2B Website category.

Award Winning B2B Website, Quality Liaison Services

This award-winning B2B Website launched in September of 2019. Their website redesign also included the creation of a new logo for the company.

QLS wanted a new website that demonstrated how they provide a link between OEMs and their suppliers by performing various services such as quality monitoring, sorting and containment, and other special projects. This was an important design element woven throughout the site.

The TopSpot Team also made sure to highlight the proprietary technology that QLS utilizes to quickly and clearly use accurate information to assure high-quality productivity for the OEMs. This was called out on the new website’s homepage and throughout the new website’s content.

Our TopSpot team has been excellent to work with. Every person has been knowledgeable and taken the time to get to know our business.

Our new website exceeded everyone’s expectations, and the data available to us now let’s us make informed marketing decisions. It’s like we added another person to our marketing team.

Chris Fitzgerald, Vice President of Technology

ALAR Engineering Corp.

ALAR Engineering Corp. manufactures industrial wastewater treatment equipment for worldwide distribution, along with solving environmental wastewater problems with their mechanical and chemical systems. Their new website won a Gold AVA Award in the Manufacturing Category.

This isn’t the first award win for the industrial website. ALAR’s new website has also been recognized with a Platinum dotCOMM Award along with a WebAward.

The TopSpot Team’s goal was to create a clean, user-friendly design that generated quality leads for the manufacturer. The design strategy included new features that addressed the potential customers’ needs, including a Problems We Solve section, as well as a media gallery that featured solutions they provided for previous clients.

Metal Coatings

Metals Coatings Corp., a metal coating service provider for machined components, fasteners, assemblies & fabrications, won a Gold AVA Award in the Professional Services category.

Award Winning Professional Services Website, Metal Coatings

A client of TopSpot since 2004, it was a natural fit when the Metal Coatings team was ready to move forward with a new website project.

The TopSpot Team set out to build on the strategies they had previously implemented, like the Coatings Search Tool and the Applications & Industry pages. They focused on updating the content throughout the site and refreshing the responsive design that had been previously implemented. Their strategies resulted in an even stronger lead generator for the company.

These awards are a great testament to our Team’s creativity and commitment to delivering what the customer wants and needs. We are thankful to everyone who had a part in the creation, design, and delivery of these websites.

About the AVA Digital Awards –  AVA Digital Awards is an international competition that recognizes excellence by creative professionals responsible for the planning, concept, direction, design & production of digital communication. Work ranges from digital engagement campaigns – to audio and video production – to website development – to social media interaction – to mobile marketing.